Love Hate Love

Love Hate Love


It’s been more than ten years since Liz Alderman’s son Peter was murdered on 9/11, and five since Esther Hyman’s sister was killed by terrorists on 7/7 in London. Ben Tullipan lives now minus his two legs and most of his hearing because of the one ton car bomb that went off meters from where he was standing outside Bali’s Sari night club.

Every day they are faced with a choice:  Succumb to despair or find a way to survive. “Love Hate Love” follows these families on a journey across five continents, as they strive to build world-changing legacies and prove that even the most horrifying acts of hate can be overcome by simple acts of love.

This film can only be watched by people living in the ASEAN countries plus India and China.

Directed by Dana Nachman and Don Hardy