About Us

buttonijo is production collective and alternative film distribution initiative founded by Amir Pohan and Myrna Paramita in 2010.

As a production collective, buttonijo focuses on cinematic works as a cultural and artistic expression in the form of fiction, documentaries and in between. As a distribution initiative, buttonijo desires to provide viable alternatives to filmmakers so they don’t have to only rely on theaters or festivals as methods of distribution. For the audience, buttonijo intends on providing them access to films that find it difficult to get theatrical distribution, whilst empowering independent screening initiatives throughout Indonesia.

buttonijo currently has three active programs: online distribution (via streaming), offline distribution (via USB Sinema), and film funding. Anyone can access these three programs simply by being a buttonijo member.

buttonijo’s online distribution system uses streaming. The films found on woovee.com can be accessed by anyone, anytime, anywhere through your smartphones, tablets, personal computers, and laptops. The cost of watching the films are distributed fairly with the filmmakers.

Offline distribution or USB Cinema uses the distribution of USB flash drives to groups or individuals that want to conduct film screenings. The file in the USB is processed to be high definition, secure from duplication, and can only be accessed for a period of time agreed upon between the screener and buttonijo. In that period of time, the screener can screen the films as many times as they want and charge tickets to the viewing public at their screenings, but past that period, the file can no longer be accessed. The ticket sales go fully to the screener so they can organize more future screenings, while the filmmakers profit from the sale of the buttonijo USB. Through USB Cinema, all the films under buttonijo have the chance to be screened anywhere locally or internationally.

The film funding program will be open to ten short film projects per year, one per month for a value of Rp. 10.000.000 per film. The total value given by this program is Rp. 100 million. Through the selection process, buttonijo will form a special team consisting of representatives of buttonijo as well as other film professionals. This program is buttonijo’s response to the difficulty alternative filmmakers have in finding funding. These films will then be assisted in distribution by buttonijo through our network. Some of the films that have benefitted from this program are: Ayam Mati di Lumbung Padi (Darwin Nugraha), Rocket Rain (Anggun Priambodo), Another Trip to the Moon (Ismail Basbeth), Riding the Light (Jeihan Angga), Langit Masih Gemuruh (Jason Iskandar).

Aside from film, we have also produced and distributed local music such as works by Leonardo And His Impeccable Six [The Sun, Mirrors, Built To race], Zeke Khaseli [Salacca Zalacca, Fell In Love With The Wrong Planet] and Zeke And The Popo [Space In The Headlines].


For Indonesian users please use a VPN in order to watch the films.

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